Pirelli MT454 (MidHard) Tyres

Product Details

Off road tyre for usage on medium to hard terrain.

• Excellent traction even on changing terrain conditions to get the maxium speed.
• Extreme grip and directionality for an outstanding lateral sliding control.
• Reduced weight for best jump control.

Front Tyre
• Different knob stiffness guarantees an outstanding adaptability of tread to terrain surface to give best steering response.
• Sharp-edged knobs give strong traction.
• Wide spacing between knobs provide full traction on loose gravel.

Rear Tyre
• Knobs layout optimised to increase the number of knobs on contact area and the quantity of working edges for maximum grip and traction.
• Different central knobs help give the maximum traction and braking on medium to hard terrain.


Sizes avaliable

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