Michelin AC10 Tyres - 2 Wheeler

Product Details

Road Legal Motorcross Tyre
The first true dual-sport tyre from Michelin. Excellent traction virtually any terrain. The new AC10 is the first Michelin designed for the dual-sport rider who rides primarily off-road. Though DOT-approved for street use \ the AC10’s aggressive bi-directional knob pattern performs like a true dirt tyre on the trails. Specially formulated rubbermix promotes impressive durability. Resists tearing and chunking even under hard use.
The AC10 features a non-directional tread to allow the tyres to be turned and increase their usable life \ plus a treadwear indicator to ensure that this is done at the optimum time. The tread is made from a durable rubber compound that resists damage under hard off-road use yet offers good grip and progressive handling on-road.


Sizes Avaliable
100/100 18
110/100 18
100/90 19
110/90 19
80/100 21
120/90 18

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