CDAX MagMaster 165 Spreader

Product Details

The C-Dax MagMaster is the only trailed spreader designed specifically for spreading magnesium based materials with our unique stainless spinner. A wide wheel track provides stability on uneven terrain \ while five application rates are available to suit your particular requirements. The spread width covers 3m each run to make sure your time is used efficiently.

A galvanised and robust frame features a fully moulded spinner shroud to minimise drift onto the tow vehicle and operator.


165 Litre capacity
Notional 3m spread width at 10kph
Five application rate settings (from 1.0 to 8g per sq/m at 10kph)
Aggressive agitation with our purpose built stainless steel agitator prevents \bridging\ and ensures a consistent flow of material to the spinner
Unique spinner disc design directs magnesium dust towards the ground
Wide shroud to keep dust off the operator and ATV
Strong galvanised frame

Wide wheel track to provide the best stability on uneven terrain
Comes with light showerproof cover
Mudguards fitted as standard

70kg empty


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